Human Resources

Talent concept

Health and safety
The company establishes and implements occupational health and safety management system for the company safety production to achieve scientific, standardized management; abides by the occupational health and safety laws, regulations and requirements and adheres to the principle of people-centered, continuous improvement, safety first, prevention first and actual operation in line with regulations, strengthening supervision, in the construction services and other activities to ensure the health and safety of staff.

Staff training
Enterprise’s competition is the competition of talents in the final analysis. In order to improve the quality of staff, meet the needs of the development of the company and staff, and generate a good team of staff, we establish a learning organization. The staff’s knowledge level, ability to work and initiative is improved constantly through training, so the human cost waste due to insufficient staff knowledge and skills and negative attitudes can be controlled in the smallest amplitude, so that the staff can achieve their goals for self-fulfillment. The company’s training system and the professional design of the staff are combined to promote the common development of the company and the individual. For a long time, the company adopts the training policy of combining self training and teaching training, job training and professional training, hire well-known professional personnel for piecewise training of staff according to plan. Overseas learning arrangements are given for the special post according to the actual situation. Finally realize the common development of both the individual and the enterprise.

Staff compensation
On the basis of ensuring that wages are met or exceed the minimum standards required by law or industry, pay the reasonable wages to staff in accordance with the provisions of the state labor law. The payment of wages is transparent, and a clear list for constitute elements of the wages and benefits is provided. In order to improve the creativity and enthusiasm of the staff, and fully mobilize the initiative of the staff, the company develops reward mechanism. For the staff with outstanding performance, the company gives different incentives and promotion in accordance with the level of their contribution. The company issues a year-end awards to the outstanding staff with motivate outstanding performance and outstanding contribution at the end of each year.

Staff benefits
The company offers a number of benefits to staff. We implement the eight hour work system; provide pension, unemployment, work injury and medical insurance; implement the meal supplement; provide dormitory and shuttle bus; the staff can enjoy paid annual leave, marriage leave, condoling leave and sick leave in accordance with the provisions of the labor law. Establish incentive system. Comprehensive pre-service training, on-the-job training, promotion training, etc. are provided for staff, and the training has always been through the work so that the staff can continue to add their value, and rich and colorful staff activities are given so that the staff can grow in the collective life.

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