DuoKeMeng Games

With the successfully acquisition of DKMgame in 2017, the company has taken it as an important step in the layout of the internet entertainment industry, and an opportunity to improve the internet entertainment sector and the Internet big data area.

DKMgame has established localized operation teams or strategic partners in Korea, Thailand, Japan, Russia, Europe and America, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other countries and regions, and has R&D, operation and distribution teams in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu respectively. The company is committed to the reserve of heavyweight IP. At present, we have reached IP cooperation with many top game manufacturers and online literature platforms in the world, and obtained Mobile Games IP authorization of some game masterpieces and network literature works. The company has successfully issued dozens of fine games, such as the land of myth, the hero of heaven and earth, the orc war and the legend of douro mainland. DKMgame has a strong independent research and development capability, with more than 200 R&D teams and a number of self-developed games.

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