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     Shenzhen Hifuture Electric Co.,Ltd. was first founded in 1999, and successfully listed on the Small and Medium Enterprise board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2009(Stock code: 002168). After nearly 20 years of development, the company has formed the development trend of double - wheel performance driven by the two major business sectors of high-end intelligent manufacturing and Internet integrated services.

     In the field of intelligent high-end manufacturing, the company is committed to providing professional network equipment and comprehensive solutions. The core advantage of electric business in our company is the new polymer electrical insulation material technology. The company is specialized in the development, production, sales, installation and distribution network integrated solutions of a new generation electrical equipment with high reliability, complete airtight, complete insulation and miniaturization. Our company has developed a wide range of products, including medium and low voltage cable connection boxes with totally-enclosed and totally-insulated, cable joint boxes, silicone rubber cable accessories, cable plugs and other silicone rubber insulation products, as well as SMC electrical equipment enclosures, etc. The company was identified as one of the “high and new technology enterprises in Shenzhen City” in 2001 by the Office of Science and Technology in Shenzhen City and as one of the first batch of “national high and new technology enterprises” in Shenzhen in 2008. The company maintains long-term technical exchanges and cooperation with many domestic research institutes and internationally renowned enterprises, and has always maintained leading position in high-end intelligent manufacturing and insulating materials technology.

      In the field of Internet integrated services, the main business of the company is network traffic management based on the fine marketing with large data and R&D, distribution, game platform operation of the mobile games. With the successfully acquisition of Chengdu DKMgame Network Technology Co.,Ltd. in 2017, the company has taken it as an important step in the layout of the internet entertainment industry, and an opportunity to improve the internet entertainment sector and the Internet big data area. DKMgame is the leading mobile Internet game enterprise in China, the main business of DKMgame is network traffic management based on the fine marketing with large data and R&D, distribution, game platform operation of the mobile games. DKMgame owns 9187. Cn games, Yahgame and other global excellent professional game operating platforms. Since its establishment in 2016, the 9187. Cn game has become a domestic first-line mobile game distribution platform. At present, the platform has tens of millions of daily live users, it has a good reputation and is recognized by the industry and players. Relying on the efficient game R&D system and accurate game promotion channels, DKMgame is committed to building a global integrated interactive entertainment business.

      In the future, Hifuture will maintain the sustainable development of high-end intelligent manufacturing business, expand products and services, and focus on industrial upgrading. Ultimately, leading to a direction of smart grid, intelligent power transmission and distribution system, new energy intelligent charging system, photovoltaic power generation equipment and new energy system operation management. DKMgame will actively innovate and develop new Internet businesses, develop traffic entry, expand traffic introduction channels, provide comprehensive Internet services around customers, and eventually develop into an online and offline integrated Internet service provider. Hifuture will continue to optimize its industrial structure, comprehensively promote strategic upgrading, seek sustainable and healthy development, achieve steady growth of enterprise value, and repay employees, shareholders and society. 

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