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Social responsibility

Social contribution
Shenzhen Hifuture not only focuses on economic benefits, it takes the sustainable development of enterprises as more important.


Education project
Shenzhen Hifuture has been concerned with the development of education for a long time; it accepted 450 college students in its summer-vacation internship program. It carries out campus recruitment activities each year to make contribution to solve the employment of college students.


Snow disaster relief
In the snow disaster relief of 2008:
1. It provided the electric power materials worth of about RMB 420,000 for Hengyang power supply system;
2. It donated the power equipment worth of RMB 75,900 for Shaoguan Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation;
3. It donated the electrical repair equipment worth of about RMB 400,000 for Zunyi Power Supply Bureau in Zunyi Province.


Sichuan earthquake
Accumulative amount of the donation (cash): RMB 280,000.

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