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Quality control system

shenzhen Hifuture Electric Limited Liability Company devotes itself to construct first-class enterprise and famous brand. In the process of operation, production and management, the company always takes “customs first, quality highest and people oriented” as the enterprise tenet; works hard to construct highly efficient, pragmatic and innovative enterprise culture.

Our commitment:
By preventing the occurrence of defective products, the company provides customers with high quality, environmental, safe and reliable electronic equipment and services for urban and rural distribution net. Abide by laws, regulations and other requirements. By constant improvement and consummation of equipment, technology, craft, production and quality management, the company constantly improves product quality; carries out environmental performance such as energy-saving and cost-reducing, emission reduction, pollution prevention and product improvement; it reduces hidden healthy and safety problems to prevent and reduce accidents. Whole staff participation is implemented to identify staff’s duty in quality, environment and occupational health and safety. The company provides staff with effective training and necessary resources to improve their awareness of quality, environment and occupational health and safety, as well as their qualities and abilities to ensure them to rightly perform their responsibilities and constantly improve their job performances. By inner (outer) audit and management review, the company implements positive and effective preventive and corrective measures, and constantly improves the adaptation, adequacy and effectiveness of system operation. It analyzes the experience in fields of quality, environment, health and safety with related parts and pushes the concept of quality, environment, health and safety to suppliers.

  • Quality management system
  • Occupational health management system
  • Environmental management system
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